• This elegant side chair completes a room in sleek, sophisticated style
• Its front legs boast a cool, quirky, curved design for an unexpected touch of creativity
• All four legs are finished in chrome, adding a brilliant hint of shine
• Its seat is upholstered in soft, luxe velvet, giving it an exquisitely appealing texture
• This chair is available in multiple colors, giving you a variety of options to enhance your home

• Sold in quantities of 4. Price is for ONLY 1 chair

•  Expected time of delivery is 1-2 weeks

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11"W X 11"D X 26.5"H, 12"W X 12"D X 29.5"H, 13.5"W X 13.5"D X 70"H, 13.5"W X 7"D X 21.5"H, 13.75"W X 13.75"D X 30.5"H, 13"W X 13"D X 71"H, 14.5, 14.5"W X 17.5"D X, 14.5"W X 17.5"D X 30.5"H X SEAT:14.5"D X 24-"-29.5"H, 14.5"W X 20.75"D X 37.5-43"H, 14.75"W X 11.75"D X 31.75"H, 14"W X 10"D X 24"H, 14"W X 18.5"D X 63.75"H, 14"W X 46"D X 91"H, 15.5"W X 15.5"D X 63"H, 15"DIA X 25"-30"H, 15"W X 11.75"D X 29.5"H, 15"W X 14.5"D X 27.25-32.75"H X SEAT:13.5"D X 24"-29.5"H, 15"W X 15"D X 26"H, 16.5"W X 57"D X 86"H, 16"DIA X 16"H, 16"DIA X 18"H, 16"W X 16"D X 18"H, 16"W X 18"H, 17.25"W X 14.5"D X24"H SEAT:9.25"D X 23.25"H, 17.25"W X 18"D X 68.75"H, 17.5"W X 19.25"D X 37.5"H SEAT:16.25"D X 24.25"H, 17.5"W X 19.25"D X 42.25"H SEAT:16.25"D X 29"H, 17"W X 17.75"D X 32.5"-41"H SEAT:15"D X 24.5"-33"H, 17"W X 17"D X 28.75"H, 17"W X 19"D X 38.75"H SEAT:14.5"D X 24"H, 17"W X 20"D X 39"-44"H X SEAT:15"D X 26.5"-32"H, 17"W X 21"D X 46"H SEAT:14.5"D X 30"H, 18.5" X 25"D X 30.5"-34.5"H SEAT:16.5"D X 16.5"-20.5"H, 18.5"W X 15.75"D X 71.75"H, 18.5"W X 22.75"D X 40.25"H SEAT:17.25"D X 24.5"H, 18.5"W X 22"D X 46"H SEAT:16.5"D X 30.25"H, 18.75"W X 22.5"D X 41..25"H SEAT:18.5"D X 29.25"H, 18"W X 16"D X 29.25"H SEAT:9.25"D X 28.5"H, 18"W X 19.5"D X 37"-42.5"H SEAT:16"D X 25.5-31"H, 18"W X 19.5"D X 39.5"H SEAT:14.5:D X 28"H, 18"W X 20"D X 35"H SEAT:14.5"D X 24"H, 18"W X 22"D X 30"-34.5"H SEAT:14.5"D X 17.5"-22"H, 19.75"W X 20"D X 37.5-43"H, 19.75"W X 20"D X 37.5-43"H X SEAT:16.25"W X 26"-32"H, 19"W X 20.25"D X 37"H X SEAT:16"D X 24"H, 19"W X 20.25"D X 41.75"H SEAT:16"D X 29"H, 19"W X 26"D X 41"H, 20.25"W X 20.75"D X 37.5"-43"H SEAT:15.5W X 26"-31.5H, 20.25"W X 20.75"D X 37.5"H-43"H SEAT:15.5"W X 26"-31.5H, 20.5"W X 10"D X 60"H, 20.5"W X 20.5"D X 68"H, 20.5"W X 20"D X 36.5"H-42.5H SEAT:16"D X 25"-31"H, 20"D X 68.75"H, 20"W X 15"D X 57.5"H, 20"W X 4.25"D X 20.25"H, 21.25"W X 24.5"D X 35"-40"H SEAT:17.75"D X 18"-23"H, 21.5"W X 10.25"D X 60"H, 21.75"W X 16.25"D X 23.5"H, 21.75"W X 2.5"D X 61.25"H, 22.25"W X 20.25"D X 37.5-42.5"H, 22.25"W X 20.25"D X 37.5"H-42.5"H SEAT:16.5"D X 25"-30"H, 22.25"W X 23"D X 36.75"H SEAT:15"D X 25"H, 22.25"W X 24"D X 41.5"H SEAT:15"D X 30"H, 22.25"W X 27., 22.5"W X 23.5"D X 29"-33"H SEAT:16.5"D X 17.5"-21.5"H, 22.5"W X 25.5"D X 32.25"-35.25"H SEAT:16"D X 18.25-21.25"H, 22.5"W X 27.5"D X 44.5"H, 22"W X 24.5"D X 39"H, 2235"W X 25.5"D X 32.25"-35.25"H SEAT:16"D X 18.25"-21.25"H, 23.25"W X 15.25"D X 22.75"H, 23.25"W X 15.5"D X 24.25"H, 23.25"W X 16.75"D X 24.25"H, 23.25"W X 23.25"D X 41.25"H SEAT: 17.5"D X 25.25"H, 23.5"D X 44"H, 23.5"DIA X 42"H, 23.5"W X 11.5"D X 46"H, 23.5"W X 15.75"D X 23.25"H, 23.5"W X 16.5"D X 26.25"H, 23.5"W X 16.5"D X 27"H, 23.5"W X 23.5"D X 34.75"-39.75"H SEAT:16"D X 18-23"H, 23.5"W X 30"D X 46"-49"H SEAT:18.5"D X 19.25"-22.25"H, 23.75"W X 18.5"D X 41.5"H SEAT:15"D X 29.5"H, 23"W X 21.25"D X 35"-40"H SEAT:15"D X 25"-30"H, 23"W X 28"D X 42"-46"H SEAT:19.5"D X 19.25"-23.25"H, 24.25"W X 24.75"D X 35"H SEAT:19"D X 19"H, 24.5"W X 25"D X 47.5"-51"H X SEAT:18"D X 21.5"H, 24"W X 15.5"D X 24.75"H, 24"W X 24"D X 13"H, 24"W X 24"D X 36-40.5"H X SEAT:18"D X 17"-21.5"H, 24"W X 24"D X 37"H SEAT:19"D X 18"H, 24"W X 24"D X 39"-45"H, 24"W X 24"D X 39"-45"H SEAT:18"D X 25"-31"H, 24"W X 33.25"D X 33"H SEAT:20.5"D X 17.5"H, 25.5"W X 15.75"D X 24.75"H, 25.5"W X 26"D X 39"H SEAT:20"D X 17"-21"H, 25.75"W X 19"D X 24.25"H, 25"W X 15.25"D X 23.5"H, 26.25"W X 14"D X 67.5"H, 26.25"W X 17"D X 63.5"H, 26.75"W X 9.25"D X 23.25"H, 26"W X 14"D X 77.75"H, 26"W X 15.25"D X 23"H, 26"W X 16"D X 19.25"H, 26"W X 16"D X 28.25"H, 26"W X 17"D X 26.75"H, 26"W X 25"D X 36.5"-40.25"H SEAT:20"D X 18.5"-23.25H, 26"W X 28.75"D X 44"-47.75"H SEAT:20"D X 18"-21.75"H, 26"W X 28.75"D X 44"-47.75"H SEAT:20"D X 18"-21.75H, 26"W X 29"D X 46.75"-50.75H SEAT:19.75"D X 18"-22H, 26"W X 32.5"D X 41"H SEAT:21"D X 18.75"H, 27.5"W X 1.25"D X 77"H, 27.5"W X 31.75"D X 30.5"H SEAT:18.5"D X 16.5"H, 27.5"W X 31"D X 33.5"H SEAT:22"D X 19"H, 27"W X 15.5"D X 26.5"H, 27"W X 24"D X 32"-36"H SEAT:17.5"D X 16.5"-20.5"H, 27"W X 24"D X 32"-36"H SEAT17.5"D X 16.5-20.5"H, 27"W X 28.5"D X 46"-49"H SEAT:20"D X 17"-20"H, 27"W X 28"D X 44.50"-47.5H SEAT:19.5"D X 20"-24"H, 28.25"W X 17"D X 30"H, 28.25"W X 18.25"D X 29"H, 28.5"W X 1"D X 51.5"H, 28"DIA X 42"H, 28"W X 13.75"D X 85"H, 28"W X 15.5"D X 28H, 28"W X 17.25"D X 28"H, 28"W X 17"D X 29.75"H, 28"W X 18"D X 29.75"H, 28"W X 29.25"D X 30.5"H SEAT:21"D X 18"H, 28"W X 46"D X 92"H, 29.25"W X 17"D X 29"H, 29.5"W X 15.5"D X 63"H, 29.5"W X 34"D X 38"H SEAT:19.5"D X 20.25"H, 29.75"W X 27.75"D X 29.5"H SEAT:21.25"D X 16"H, 29"W X 11"D X 60"H, 29"W X 16.5"D X 29.75"H, 29"W X 29.5D X 30.5"H SEAT:20.5"D X 18"H, 29"W X 29"D X 63"H, 29"W X 31"D X 38"H SEAT:20"D X 18.5"H, 29"W X 9"D X 37.5"H, 30.5"W X 31"D X 35"H SEAT:20"D X 19"H, 30"DIA X 36"H, 30"DIA X 41.75"H, 30"DIA X 42"H, 30"W X 1.5"D X 70"H, 30"W X 29"D X 29.5"H SEAT:21"D X 19"H, 31.25"W X 16.25"D X 50.5"H, 31.25"W X 30"D X 29.5"H SEAT:22"D X 17.75"H, 31.5"W X 0.75"D X 39.25"H, 31.5"W X 1.5"D X 31.5"H, 31.5"W X 13.25"D X 70.25"H, 31.5"W X 15.75"D X 48.5"H, 31.5"W X 16.25"D X 44.75"H, 31.5"W X 16.25"D X 46.5"H, 31"W X 17.25"D X 29.75"H, 32"DIA X 35"-42"H, 32"W X 13"D X 71.5"H, 32"W X 14"D X 78.25"H, 32"W X 16.5"D X 49.5"H, 32"W X 31.5"D X 30"H SEAT:22"D X 18.5"H, 33.5"W X 15.5"D X 54.75"H, 33.5"W X 15.75"D X 48.25"H, 33.5"W X 39.5"D X 39.5"H, 33.5"W X 39.5"D X 39.5"H SEAT:22"D X 19.75"H, 33.75"W X 1.25"D X 35.75"H, 33"W X 16.5"D X 50.5"H, 34.25"W X 17.75"D X 50"H, 34.5"W X 37.5"D X 31"H SEAT:24"D X 17.5"H, 34"DIA X 17"H, 34"W X 1.25"D X 68"H, 34"W X 17.75"D X 50.5"H, 35.5"L X 35.5"D X 36"H, 35.5"L X 35.5"D X 42"H, 35.5"W X 1.5"D X 29.5"H, 35.5"W X 17"D X 52.25"H, 35.50"W X 12.5"D X 40"H, 35.50"W X 15.50"D X 63"H, 35.50"W X 23.5"D X 15.75"H, 35"DIA X 18.25"H, 35"DIA X 41.25"H, 35"W X 11.75"D X 70.75"H, 35"W X 17.75"D X 51"H, 35"W X 17"D X 48.25"H, 36.25"W X 18.5"D X 53.25"H, 36.5"W X 18.5"D X 51.5"H, 36"DIA X 17.75"H, 36"DIA X 18"H, 36"DIA X 36"H, 36"L X 36"W X 36"H, 36"W X 16.25"D X 49.25"H, 36"W X 16"D X 16"H, 36"W X 17.5"D X 52.25"H, 36"W X 23"D X 41.5"H, 36"W X 36"D X 18.75"H, 36"W X 36"D X 35.5"H SEAT:22"D X 18.5"H, 36"W X 48"D X 90"H, 37.5"W X 0.75"D X 39.5"H, 37.5"W X 2"D X 47.25"H, 37.5"W X 29.5"D X 41.5-44.5"H SEAT:20"D X 20.75"H-23.75"H, 38.5"W X 38.5"W X 18.5"H, 39., 39.25"DIA X 17.75"H, 39.25"W X 11.5"D X 46"H, 39.5"W X 0.75"D X 39.5"H, 39.5"W X 1.00"D X 39.5"H, 39.5"W X 1.25"D X 39.5"H, 39"DIA X 1.5"D, 39"W X 18"D X 56"H, 39"W X 19"D X 51.5"H, 40"DIA X 30"H, 40"W X 14"D X 74"H, 40"W X 18"D X 52.25"H, 40"W X 18"D X 54"H, 41.25"W X 12.5"D X 55"H, 42-60"L X 42"W X 36.25"H, 42-60"W X 42"D X 30"H, 42.25"-63"L X 31.5"W X 36"H, 42.5"W X 15.25"D X 17"H, 42"W X 15.25"D X 23"H, 44.5"W X 23.5"D X 18.75"H, 44"W X 19"D X 61.75"H, 44"W X 20"D X 59"H, 44"W X 20"D X 62.25"H, 45"W X 23.5"D X 36.75"H, 46.5"W X 22"D X 30"H, 46.75"L X 22.5"D X 42.5"H, 46"W X 16"D X 18"H, 47.25"L X 17.75"D X 42.25"H, 47.25"L X 47.25"W X 35.75"H, 47.25"W X 1.75"D X 31.5"H, 47.25"W X 12.5"D X 70"H, 47.25"W X 13.25"D X 70.75"H, 47.25"W X 15.75"D X 16"H, 47.25"W X 23.5"D X 15.75"H, 47.25"W X 23.5"D X 17"H, 47.25"W X 23.5"D X 18-23.5"H, 47.25"W X 23.5"D X 30.5"- 40.25"H, 47.25"W X 23.5"D X 30"H, 47.25"W X 23.50"D X 17.75"H, 47.25"W X 23.50"D X 18"H, 47.25"W X 23.50"D X 20-28.75"H, 47.25"W X 23.75"D X 29.5"H, 47.25"W X 27.5"D X 18"H, 47.25"W X 28.75"D X 30.5"H, 47.5"W X 15.75"D X 16"H, 47"W X 16"D X 18"H, 47"W X 2"D X 83"H, 48.75"W X 53.50"D X 29.5"H, 48" DIA X 29"H, 48"W X 16"D X 18.5"H, 48"W X 17"D X 18"H, 48"W X 18"D X 23.5"H, 48"W X 23.5"D X 29.5"H, 48"W X 24"D X 19"H, 48"W X 30"D X 19.5"H, 49.5"W X 23.75"D X 31.75"H, 50"W X 18"D X 17"H, 50"W X 28.25"D X 18.5"H, 50"W X 30"D X 18"H, 51.25"W X 27.5"D X 18"H, 51.5"L X 51.5"W X 37.7"H, 51"L-64.75"L X 35"W X 30"H, 53.5"L X 53.5"W X 36.5"H, 53"W X 27.5"D X 18"H, 54"W X 23"D X 15"H, 55"-79"L X 31.5W X 30"H, 55"W X 23"D X 31"H, 55"W X 27.5"D X 30.75"H, 56.75"-74.75"L X 35.5"W X 29.75"H, 56"W X 13"D X 83.5"H, 57.5"W X 16.25"D X 39"H, 58.5"W X 15.75"D X 33.25"H, 58"W X 16.75"D X 38.5"H, 59"W X 15.75"D X 36"H, 59"W X 16.5"D X 37.25"H, 59"W X 16.75"D X 34.75"H, 59"W X 17"D X 35.25"H, 59"W X 2.00"D X 83"H, 59"W X 23.5"D X 29.5"H, 60, 60" DIA X 36"H, 60"-76"L X 38W X 36"H, 60"DIA X 35.25H, 60"W X 14.25"D X 63"H, 60"W X 19"D X 48.25"H, 60"W X 23.5"D X 30.5"H, 60"W X 23.5"D X 30"H, 60"W X 30"D X 29.50"-41.75"H, 60"W X 47.25"D X 29.5"H, 61.25"W X 17.75"D X 39.5"H, 61.25"W X 18.5"D X 40"H, 61"W X 17"D X 36.5"H, 62.5"W X 18.25"D X 3, 62.5"W X 18.25"D X 37.75"H, 62.75"W X 19"D X 35.25"H, 62"W X 23.5"D X 31"H, 63"L X 35.5"W X 29.5H, 63"L X 35.5"W X 30"H, 63"L X 35.50"W X 30"H, 63"L X 36"W X 30.5H, 63"W X 17.75"D X 33.5"H, 63"W X 17.75"D X 34"H, 63"W X 17"D X 39"H, 63"W X 28.75"D X 30.5"H, 64.25"L X 36.75"W X 29.75H, 64"W X 16.25"D X 32.5"H, 64"W X 17.5"D X 29"H, 64"W X 17.5"D X 39.5"H, 64"W X 18"D X 38"H, 64"W X 19"D X 34.29"H, 64"W X 19"D X 36"H, 64"W X 19"D X 42.25"H, 64"W X 19"D X 42"H, 65"W X 21.25"D X 42.75"H, 65"W X 24"D X 30.5"H, 66.25"W X 18"D X 38.25"H, 68.75"W X 20"D X 42.25"H, 7.5"W X 7.5"D X 25"H, 70.75"L X 18-35.5"W X 36.25H, 70.75"L X 35.5"W X 30"H, 70.75"L X 35.5"W X 35.75"H, 71"L X 37"W X 30.50H, 77"L X 26.75"D X 42.25:H, 80"L X 39.5"W X 30"H, 80"L X 40"W X 30"H, 84"L X 32"W X 36"H, 9201981, TABLE 51.25"W X 27.5"D X 17.75"H STOOLS 11"DIA X 13"H